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                                                                                                                                     Personal Information


Address:   Via G. di Vittorio, 2 40010 Bentivoglio, Bologna Italy

                                   Mobile:   +39-348-9794816

                             Home/Fax:   +39-051898425 / +39-051898425  

                                       E-Mail:    sambrapaolo@inwind.it

                                Nationality:    Italian

Date and place of birth:    28TH January 1977, Bentivoglio (BO)  Italy

Marital status:    Unmarried



Education and Training


1997:    A  Level Diploma, PERITO AERONAUTICO specialization  Aerial  Navigation   54/60  marks  at  Istituto Tecnico Aeronautico Leonardo da Vinci in Bologna.



Aeronautical Titles:

1996:  Private Pilot Licence Aeroclub Bologna and in  august I took part on a                                          

 scholastic stage in ARO and METEO officeat Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi   

in Bologna.

From 1998 to 2000:  Attended University of Forli, department Ingegneria Aerospaziale.

On June 2000:  American Private Pilot License at Skymates school in Forth Worth airport, Texas.

On August 2001:  Commercial Pilot License with Professione Volare school at Forli airport.       

On September 2001:  I attended 14V and 22G courses at Professione Volare school, Forli.

December  2001:  MCC course (21G) on FNTP simulator FRASCA at Alitalia Training Center.

2003:  ATPL (Frozen) JAR courses.

2003:   Flight Instructor License VFR.           


  At  present I have a total flight time of 380 hrs: CPL IR (ME) (SP) and FI and                                           

  I am looking for a job in aeronautical activities.

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